Studios for eLearning

We operate in our own studios, equipped with the latest in image and sound. Here we have access to film and sound recording technology and everything that goes with it. Managing these functions in-house means better accessibility and ultimately more cost-effective projects. 

Our key concept is possibilities . Whatever our clients’ wishes or creative ideas, we can deliver a high-quality result to match. For us, technology means possibilities!

Maxe Axelsson, CEO Edtech Studios
Maxe Axelsson, CEO Edtech Studios
Video studio - green screen

Video for eLearning

Our video studio is equipped with the latest technology for both recording and live broadcasting. We also have a green-screen room and a larger stage.


Sound for eLearning

We have several studios fully equipped for professional sound recording. We handle everything from Voice-overs to music production. 

EdTech Studios-Professional Sound Studio


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