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The next step in Customer Relationship Management – lower support costs and increase customer satisfaction. Let’s your customer enjoy a learning experience that is accessible everywhere and always.

EdTech Studios specializes in designing and producing Interactive Manuals for the AV-market.

Customers often find it challenging to understand how to use a new product, especially if the manual provided with the product is complicated or difficult to follow. Traditional printed manuals are often insufficient and may not provide a hands-on experience or be interactive enough to engage the customer.

An interactive manual is an online manual that uses multimedia to describe and explain the product’s features and how to use them. Based on video, animations, graphics, text and knowledge quizzes, the interactive manual is:

  • User-driven – adapt to the needs, interest and preset skills of the individual user
  • Availability – accessible anywhere at anytime
  • Updated – right manual for the specific product version, latest updates and upgrades
  • Pedagogical – allows customers to test their knowledge through quizzes or interactive exercises

Interactive manuals offer several benefits for both customers and product manufacturers. The interactive manual delivers a tailored experience that presents both the right kind and the right scope of content. At EdTech Studios we realized that it was time to develop a blueprint of an Interactive Manual that is applicable to most products in the AV-segment. A manual that:

  • Is presented with pedagogical multimedia feature to heighten user experience
  • Is easy to update, making it customizable
  • Can deliver valuable data and feedback for inhouse R&D
  • Lets the user focus on the content they need
  • Makes trouble shooting easy

Users can learn more effectively and quickly with interactive manuals, reducing frustration and increasing satisfaction. They can also access the manual from any device with an internet connection, making it more convenient.

For manufacturers, interactive manuals can reduce customer support inquiries and improve customer retention by providing a better user experience.

  • Flexible – meet the user at their skill level – multiple ways of receiving knowledge with the help of multimedia to facilitate the learning experience.
  • Aftermarket – Gives the buyer a better post purchase experience, with an interactive manual you care all the way letting the user focus on information relevant to them
  • Customizable – Let’s the user go for the content they need to get started.
  • Easy to update – include software updates, added features or even make changes to your online manual.

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Media for interactive manuals

At Edtech Studios we bring your ideas to life with different types of media.

  • Video: We have decades of work experience of filming and editing. Our experts have backgrounds of working for TV and in different formats such as news, documentaries, short films, commercials and different educational formats such as lectures and panels.

  • Audio: EdTech Studios started out decades ago producing, mixing and mastering audio for clients all over the world. We have the brought the know how from a very specific and demanding industry and applied to EdTech giving our clients the edge of having some of the best sounding productions in the industry.

  • Animations, graphics & interactivity: Here the imagination is the limiting factor – what ever you can dream up we can create it in our Animation studios. Constantly evolving, growing and changing this sector of EdTech creates an exciting add-on to film and audio giving the participants a heightened learning experience
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Our project management model is based on PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act. The aim is to ensure that the project achieves the results our clients want.

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Driving technology for leading brands

Interactive manual

E-learning: digital manuals / interactive guides When Yamaha launched new technical solutions for web meetings, EdTech studios was commissioned to develop interactive digital product guides.
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Interactive manual

In this interactive manual for Genelec, the user get to know what they need about the Monitor Setup process.
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The business area Interent of things, IoT, is growing fast and Telenor IoT is one of the leaders. To make sure the sales teams in all offices has the same level of product and sales knowledge Telenor needed e-learning courses. Edtech Studios created videos with animations and interactive learning material.


Short parts from a longer e-learning production with animations, interactivity and quizzes.


A customized drag-and-drop interactive module. This is a short cut-out from the larger course.

Tietoevry needed some media to reach out with very interesting project called BeeLab. In BeeLab they have developed  a hightech, connected & digitalized beehive that collects information about the bees and and also the temperature in the behive and sending it to the beekeepers mobile phone app.  This makes it more easy for the beekeeper to adjust everything it time, make the bees feel better and produce more honey.

Edtech Studios made the videos, music, vocals and more.


Presentation video about BeeLab.


Longer introduction
(in Swedish)