Maxe Axelsson CEO EdTech Studios

Maxe Axelsson
CEO EdTech Studios

Anything is possible

Studios for EdTech and more

We operate in our own studios, equipped with the latest in video and sound recording technology and everything that goes with it. Managing these functions in-house means faster accessibility and ultimately more cost-effective projects. 

Our key concept is possibilities. If our clients brings us their vision or if they want us to create that for them. We will deliver a high-quality result to match. For us, technology inhouse means possibilities!

Video & Broadcast

Video for e-learning and more

Our video studio is equipped with the latest technology for both recording, editing and live broadcasting. Everything a professional video studio needs.

We also have a green-screen room and a larger stage with space for an audience. If you want to interview guests in a more relaxed environment we even have a couch environment. And, of course, our mobile equpment that allows us to come to you.


edTech Studios video studio green screen


You can be at your workplace in the jungle on the stage in space everywhere

In our dedicated greenscreen room we can make the magic happen. Why not record your video with a background that fit your subject. Or maybe a video in the background.

Audio Recording

We are great at sound

With a long background in the music industry, we know sound. We run several voiceover and music studios and now what equiment is needed for a specific type of recording or even in a live broadcast. In our optimized sound studios we can record voiceover, vocals, Sound FX and much more.

Woman at microphone

Animation & interactivity

Complex made easy

Animation and interactivity are two great ways to simplify and explain things that is hard to understand when using words only. And it also makes it much easier to remember what you just learned. In our animation & interactivity studio we can create whatever you want, with interactive 2D and 3D graphics.

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Telenor IOT-log-white

The business area Interent of things, IoT, is growing fast and Telenor IoT is one of the leaders. To make sure the sales teams in all offices has the same level of product and sales knowledge Telenor needed e-learning courses. Edtech Studios created videos with animations and interactive learning material.


Short parts from a longer e-learning production with animations, interactivity and quizzes.


A customized drag-and-drop interactive module. This is a short cut-out from the larger course.

Tietoevry needed some media to reach out with very interesting project called BeeLab. In BeeLab they have developed  a hightech, connected & digitalized beehive that collects information about the bees and and also the temperature in the behive and sending it to the beekeepers mobile phone app.  This makes it more easy for the beekeeper to adjust everything it time, make the bees feel better and produce more honey.

Edtech Studios made the videos, music, vocals and more.


Presentation video about BeeLab.


Longer introduction
(in Swedish)