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EdTech Studios knows how important good pedagogy is, in all types of media. And technology and knowledge are essential to getting the best result.

This is one of the secrets behind our success in creating high quality e-learning, films etc. for clients in various industries. We know that both content and presentation must be attractive to the recipient.

Below you can read more about the different industries and some of the client projects we have done.

Audio / Video

Edtech Studios has a long background in AV production, starting the first professional recording studio in 1988. Ten years ago we took the step into videoproduction and eLearning.

Today we are one of the few Dante Certified e-learning producers in the EU.

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Maxe Axelsson

Genelec is one of the most well-known speaker brands in the Music Industry. With a global reach they are household name with professionals in the AV-industry around the world.

EdTech Studios have a long relationship with Genelec and have produced product information films and tutorials for the international market

Jeroen Berwaerts is one of the worlds most famous trumpet players with an enormous variety in his repertoire. From Jazz to the Baroque genre his playing leaves no listener unmoved.

When producing an e-learning master class for Classic Trumpet he chose EdTech Studios as his partner to get the right quality for both sound and picture on his courses.

Apart from the production we also supplied Jeroen with a payment gateway and a LMS solution to present his eLearning in an educational and professional way.

YAMAHA – Unified Communications and EdTech Studios have been working together on a number of projects including product launches, soft- and hardware updates, tutorials, and marketing campaigns.

Here the extensive experience that EdTech Studios has in the AV-industry has created a comprehensive understanding of the products and specific needs of Yamaha Unified Communications.

When a new banking system was to be released on a Nordic market. EdTech Studios got the job of planning out the content and producing the introduction as well as an extension for this highly complex product.

The production was very well received by both client and users.


How do you reach all of your employees in all the bank offices all around the world when an upgrade is about to be rolled out? Digital online training with time-based certificates is an example of what can be done.

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Dan Lidholm

Health Care

The public health care sector is working hard to get more employees certified as the need of well trained emplyees increases. Edtech can help by creating eLearning that makes the complex more easy to learn.

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Dan Lidholm

The Swedish Intensive Care Registry worked with EdTech Studios to develop several comprehensive and highly appreciated e-learning courses for their projects Vårdtyngd Sverige, Diagnosis, SAPS3 and more. These corses are mandatory for all 128. 000+ licesenced nurses in Sweden.

The courses contains videos, voice overs, illustrations, interactivity and questions for testing the knowledge of the learners.

The courses are published to a customized LMS system, developed by Otimo and EdTech Studios. The learning management system is using SSO connecting to the Swedish Health Care high sercurity identification and login system. The LMS also generates reports, reminders and learner certificates.

Ovako is a leading European steel company that specializes in the production of engineering steel for customers in the bearing, transport and manufacturing industries. The company has been in business for over 100 years, and has a strong reputation for producing high-quality steel products that meet the demanding requirements of its customers.

Edtech Studios worked as a subcontractor to Continuing Education Institute-Europe AB in this project and produced media and intereactive e-learning modules. The result was an e-learning Quality Course in eight parts, in Swedish, English and Finnish.

When international robot manufacturer Yaskawa needed a strategic plan and presentation for a specific product line to go with it, EdTech Studios was hired to solve this.

With extensive experience from strategic development, apart from straightforward eLearning production, EdTech Studios delivered a comprehensive presentation based on insight and knowhow. 


The manufacturing industry is constantly under development and change. One of the bigger challenges is to train current and incoming staff.  A major advantage of e-learning is that you can have digital induction programmes, other internal training and even the company’s business systems online.

At Edtech Studios we have successfully created digital manuals, explainer videos and e-learning that made complex matters easy to learn and understand.

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Lena Ovesson


E-learning is ideal for Service based companies where onboarding and personell training is a vital part of building a successful operation. EdTech Studios has the tools and know-how to produce this in an effective way.

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Johan Jonasson

Borago is one of the largest companies in the cleaning service in Sweden and Finland. They needed to have a certification cleaning course for all their employees.

Edtech Studios worked as a subcontractor to Continuing Education Institute-Europe AB in this project and produced media and interactive learning modules. The result was an extensive e-learning course in three languages, for mobile use, with videos, interactivity, tests and quizzes.

Kalmar Science Park needed help with different kind of webinars. Everything from small online webinars to larger hybrid webinars with attendees, presenters, and onsite and online workshop groups. We supply the equipment, training, and support.

Postnord, the largest mail and logistics company in Sweden, was launching a new strategy for their sales department.

EdTech Studios was hired to produce e-learning for this project for hundreds of employees. This proved to be vital tool when implementing the new sales strategy for Postnord

EdTech Studios have been apart of creating the technology for Access Analog that is an online tool for Music Producers. It allows for global access to robotics controlled physical audio equipment for a low fee. This equipment is used to alter sounds in music productions and is very expensive if one were to by the actual product.

This new way of “online short term renting” is extremely cost effective for the user. EdTech Studios could be a part of creating these solutions thanks to a long history of producing music and media.

Hyph choosed EdTech Studios for technical cloud solutions for their social platorm.

Telenor IOT wanted to produce an extensive eLearning course on IoT – The Internet of Things – which is already changing the world and will do so even more once 5G gets to full impact. They wanted something that described the basics of IoT all the way to more complex descriptions of functions and usages.

EdTech studios delivered eLearning that was heavily supported with animations, visuals and graphics that made the course easier to digest while facilitating the learning process with the end users – and a satisfied client as a result.

Technology / Telecom

Having worked with companies in the technology sector for decades EdTech Studios has the knowledge on how to address, handle and manage complex eLearning projects. We pride ourselves on being able to show and describe something complex in a pedagogical and efficient way – which we have done for numerous clients!

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Maxe Axelsson

Our studios

We have state-of-the-art studios for audio, video & streaming.

Video & Broadcast

We have the expertise and the equipment to get the best sound and the best picture when recording or broadcasting live.


We have a dedicated greenscreen studio for flawless recordings/broadcasts with any background.

audio recording

With a long background in the music industry, we know sound. We run several voice-over and music studios.

Animation & interactivity

In our animation & interactivity studio we make the dreams come true, in 2D, 3D and with interactivity.

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The business area Interent of things, IoT, is growing fast and Telenor IoT is one of the leaders. To make sure the sales teams in all offices has the same level of product and sales knowledge Telenor needed e-learning courses. Edtech Studios created videos with animations and interactive learning material.


Short parts from a longer e-learning production with animations, interactivity and quizzes.


A customized drag-and-drop interactive module. This is a short cut-out from the larger course.

Tietoevry needed some media to reach out with very interesting project called BeeLab. In BeeLab they have developed  a hightech, connected & digitalized beehive that collects information about the bees and and also the temperature in the behive and sending it to the beekeepers mobile phone app.  This makes it more easy for the beekeeper to adjust everything it time, make the bees feel better and produce more honey.

Edtech Studios made the videos, music, vocals and more.


Presentation video about BeeLab.


Longer introduction
(in Swedish)