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Online educational content, created from a pedagogical base, with interactive elements and certification.

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Engaging, interactive manuals with different types of media, for faster knowledge.

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Learning Management Systems helps you to manage content and collect productivity data throughout the learning process.

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What is Edtech?

Edtech in short

Edtech is the spanning concept name of Technology within in Education. The term most are familiar with is probably e-learning. The idea of putting conventional educational courses online. This area started to grow around 15yrs ago, but back then the content available were, to put it midly… unimpressive. Bad visuals and basic questions with limited control from the educator’s side.

Edutainment and e-learning

Today things are different and EdTech is one of the fastest growing area within IT. Higher production values, interactive systems the ability to collect empirical data for the teacher. A lot of this growth, has come out of the demands of global audience that demands more from their online experience. We dont just want to be educated we want to be entertained, we want Edutainment. 

Of course we would make a disservice if we didn’t acknowledge the CoViD-19 pandemic and its subsequent global “lockdowns”, as a large contributing factor for the meteoric rise of EdTech. Literally millions all of a sudden needed the ability to study and be certified online from home.

So now, we just expect that this tool should be accessible 24/7.  On-demand e-learning.

But EdTech is not limited to just online courses, it encompasses things like digital instruction manuals. Its Video tutorials on open platforms like YouTube. It’s VR and AR. Its promotional material with the aim to educate. Today its hard to throw a stone and and not hit something that is not connected to e-learning or EdTech in some way.

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When Yamaha launched new technical video and sound solutions for web meetings, EdTech studios was selected to produce product videos, marketing videos, interactive digital product guides and more. And now it continues with new Dante Certified products.

Product Video

Introduction video for Yamaha Adecia.

Explainer video

Video about the different types of Adecia microphones.


3D render of Yamaha CS-800, used in a setup guide.
(No sound)

Telenor IOT-log-white

The business area Interent of things, IoT, is growing fast and Telenor IoT is one of the leaders. To make sure the sales teams in all offices has the same level of product and sales knowledge Telenor needed e-learning courses. Edtech Studios created videos with animations and interactive learning material.


Short parts from a longer e-learning production with animations, interactivity and quizzes.


A customized drag-and-drop interactive module. This is a short cut-out from the larger course.

Tietoevry needed some media to reach out with very interesting project called BeeLab. In BeeLab they have developed  a hightech, connected & digitalized beehive that collects information about the bees and and also the temperature in the behive and sending it to the beekeepers mobile phone app.  This makes it more easy for the beekeeper to adjust everything it time, make the bees feel better and produce more honey.

Edtech Studios made the videos, music, vocals and more.


Presentation video about BeeLab.


Longer introduction
(in Swedish)