We deliver system solutions for efficient distribution and administration of digital training.

Learning systems (LMS) for your digital courses

At EdTech Studios we work with existing standard systems as well as customised and tailor-made solutions. We also work with web applications to make digital educations available through our clients’ existing platforms.

An appropriate training system is crucial to reach users and to follow up on implementation and results. Our clients also get – in addition to their content presented and packaged in the best possible way – the possibility of powerful tools for administration and follow-up – access to reconciliations, knowledge checks and even more advanced skills tests such as certifications – the possibilities are endless – the results undeniable!

What we do in LMS & LRS

Customised systems

EdTech Studios works with many of the major LMS solutions on the market and we ensure that our clients can optimize functionality while achieving cost-effectiveness.

We also work with custom LMS/LRS solutions, where we can simplify features and user interfaces to meet individual needs. We also offer a unique application to make digital training available on the customer’s own web sites – IWC (Interactive Web Connector).

This means that the end user does not have to navigate a specific system environment but can access the content, even interactively, directly via the training provider’s own portal.

Our customer projects

Here are some examples of projects where we have helped our clients with LMS/LRS.

Customised LMS system solution


SIR handles patient data from all of Sweden’s intensive care units, and provides so-called quality data available for healthcare organizations as well as other stakeholders. To ensure high reliability in data reporting, EdTech Studios was commissioned to develop educational material that was made available to users through a customised LMS.

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Integration, training & support


For Abena in Denmark, EdTech Studios has implemented SSO (Single Sign On), structured user groups and provided services through training and support.

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Configuration and integration of the LMS


Continuing Education Institute works with major clients such as Google, Apple & Amazon. Edtech Studio’s mission was to integrate and configure the learning platform and e-commerce system to offer courses for a commercial market.

Ann-Charlotte Johannesson - CEI

It's great to work with such a professional team that solves everything in a nice and humble way.

Ann-Charlotte Johannesson - CEI
Ann-Charlotte Johannesson, CEO
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