EdTech Studios start from needs and objectives - we offer all the development and production services needed, from start to finish.

eLearning with technology and pedagogy in harmony

At EdTech Studios, we develop and produce digital training on behalf of our clients. We offer all stages of the production process, from educational planning to end user delivery. Based on our clients’ needs and goals, we tailor projects to achieve the solutions that produce the most effective results.

We know that all businesses have different needs and conditions for developing and implementing digital training. This can be a matter of both previous experience in conducting training and the production support required. At EdTech Studios, we start from your needs and objectives and provide the development and production services needed, from start to finish.

What we do in eLearning

Our customer projects

Here are some examples of eLearning productions we have developed.

eLearning: interactive courses with video

The Swedish Intensive Care Registry worked with us at EdTech Studios to develop several comprehensive training courses for their projects Vårdtyngd Sverige, Diagnosis, SAPS3 and others.

eLearning: digital manuals / interactive guides

When Yamaha launched new technical solutions for web meetings, EdTech studios was commissioned to develop interactive digital product guides.

eLearning: course structure, lectures, questions

On behalf of and in close cooperation with Postnord, we created a number of courses for marketing and sales training within their logistics operations.

EdTech Studios partners

We produce in our own studios!

Our team has a long background in education and media production. Together we develop tailor-made solutions for our clients. We produce everything in our own studios.

How can we help?

How can you get started with eLearning? Or what is your next step in developing digital learning? Don't hesitate to contact us!