A digital "academy" can be the solution when a large number of courses need to be managed. EdTech Studios offers effective solutions.

Online Academy - a school in the cloud

As the content and number of courses grow the need for structure arises. This is achieved by setting up a digital “academy”. EdTech studios have several solutions to create this for our clients. By achieving systematic overview and accessibility, we can better target different audiences. In some contexts, you might also need to be able to charge those who undergo training.

Individual sections, courses and entire educations! Complexity might vary. To ensure that all users have access to the right content in the right order, we design custom designed academies.


Our customer projects

Here are some examples of projects where we have developed academies for our clients.

Jeroen Berwaerts Academy


Jeroen Bernaerts is a belgian trumpet player known all over the world. Stretching his playing over most genres from pop to classical he has gained a reputation of being an outstanding musician. Recently he decided to share his immense knowledge by creating a comprehensive master class series. He chose EdTech Studios to set up a learning platform with a payment gateway. 

Kallenberg logo
Leadership Development - online course programme

Kallenberg Coaching

Bengt Kallenberg – career coach, leadership developer, team developer, Clifton Strengths consultant, teacher and  lecturer – was helped by EdTech Studios to produce and implement online courses for distribution through a customized academy.

Bengt Kallenberg - Kallenberg Coaching

"Thanks to the professional and pleasant cooperation with EdTech we have managed to package and create an appreciated e-course in self-leadership on a stable platform."

Bengt Kallenberg - Kallenberg Coaching

Bengt Kallenberg, CEO, Kallenberg Coaching.

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