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About EdTech Studios

EdTech Studios represents broad experience and expertise, combined with outstanding technical capabilities through its own production facilities. Our ambition is to be a total supplier to our customers when it comes to digital education. A large network of partners established over the years also gives us access to more unique expertise when needed in our client projects.

EdTech Studios has its roots in upper secondary education and music and media production in its own studios. A business that started back in the late 1980s. Work in digital education began in the 1990s. As several client projects in eLearning became more extensive within the media group Pama Studios, EdTech Studios was started as an independent company in the spring of 2018.


EdTech and the customer - our project team!

Based on objectives, resources and complexity, we staff our project team with a mix of pedagogical, technical and subject matter expertise. EdTech Studios always ensure your involvement  as a client in needs assessment, quality assurance and assessing subject level and relevance.

EdTech Studios - Möte

Our policies

We also try to live as we learn! We meet and have physical meetings when needed, but strive to do what we can by meeting and collaborating online.

Business management

Quality at every step - our top priority!

Our project management model is based on PDCA – Plan, Do, Check, Act. The aim is to ensure that the project achieves the results our clients want. The methodology we have carefully developed to create training courses includes a work process that always permeates our projects.

1. Planning

  • Goal description results and pedagogy
  • Resource planning - time and budget
  • Structure and mock-up
  • System requirements

2. Develoment

  • Script
  • Conceptualization
  • Preproduction
  • System adaptation

3. Production

  • Text, sound, image, video, animation
  • Editing and post-production
  • Systems integration
  • Quality assurance

4. Delivery

  • Functional and user testing
  • Quality assurance and revision
  • System implementation and operational solution
  • Delivery/Go-live


Our employees represent a broad mix of relevant skills and experience.

HR & Environment Officer
Public Relations Manager
Photographer & Editor
Producer - Interactive eLearning
Music Producer
Fotograf Sara Jonasson
Communication & Social Media
PhD in Economics & Chairman of the Board
Voice & Voiceover
Voice & Voiceover
Web Design, Filemaker Pr

Our studios

We have state-of-the-art studios for audio, video & streaming.


We have the expertise and the equipment to get the best sound and the best picture when recording or broadcasting live.


We have a dedicated greenscreen studio for flawless recordings/broadcasts with any background.

audio recording

With a long background in the music industry, we know sound. We run several voiceover and music studios.


If you need to record or broadcast a large event, we have access to a large stage with an auditorium for the audience.

Do you want to know more?

How can you get started in eLearning? What is your next step in developing digital learning? Don’t hesitate to contact us!